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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Chris + Lyna | Seattle Wedding Photography | New Hong Kong Restaurant

See their wedding slideshow here

The day after Thanksgiving Chris and Lyna had a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony in Tacoma and then a reception in Seattle at the New Hong Kong Restaurant.

Seattle Wedding photographer

Lyna’s first dress:

Traditional Asian wedding

Traditional Vietnamese weddingThis traditional asian wedding was amazing there were over 500 guests, I had two associate photographers with me and they kept us busy the whole timeWe did a photobooth with all of the guests and we had cards with a picture of the guest and the couple to take home that were all printed within minutes of having their picture taken.This cake was amazing, Chris is a  huge Nike fan, so what would be better than a big nike shoe for the groom’s cake.  Many people looking at this wedding cake didn’t realize until after staring at it for minutes that it was actually a cake and not a real shoe.  Notice how the shoe resembles the bridal parties shoes.

second dress:

The actual ceremonies took place at the parents houses in Tacoma and Fife.  Then the reception was held at the New Hong Kong Restaurant in the Pacific rim center in china Town near downtown Seatle.  The place is between Viet-Wa and the I-5 overpass with all of the asian dragons.Wedding Photography SeattleAsian Wedding Photographer.Portland Wedding Photographer.Super duper wedding photography in the pacific northwest wedding photography from kerry park overlooking seattle and the space needle.  Seattle wedding photographer rocks it one more time, radtastic

Portland wedding photographer amazing photos of bride and groom in front of scenic seattle skyline.  Fall-winter wedding with a little bit of rain and cold didn't stop us we had a ton of fun

wedding photograher

the rad groom’s cake: I couldn’t believe how real it looked.  Some people thought it was a real shoe.

and the third dress: I love it!

seattle wedding photographers rock another shoot.

portland wedding photographer, columbia gorge wedding

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