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Album | Court in the Square | Seattle, Washington

I have photographed quite a few weddings at Court in the Square in downtown Seattle.  It is an awesome venue.  Originally it was an alley between two buildings that was enclosed with big glass windows.  I love the natural light the pours in during summer ceremonies.  One of my favorite things about the venue is the LOCATION.  It is perfectly set right in Pioneer Square and there are great places to take pictures before or after the ceremony.  Urban bridal party pictures are so much fun and the setting adds a lot of personality and color to the pictures.  Not only do we love to wander down the street for pictures, but we can go right on top of the roof for an amazing backdrop of the city.

This is an album that we made for Court in the Square to show couples who are thinking about having their wedding there.

This is also an album I offer to couples (without my logo stamped all over of course!) who love the coffee table look and are looking for a more affordable wedding album option.

There are many, many cover option in all different colors and materials.

I love that the pages lay flat.

Here are some of the page designs:

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